The first 12 hours

We published the TEDxOtaniemiED website and Facebook event last night around 10 PM. And my life went absolutely bananas. This morning I tried to flag down my train like it was a taxi. The conductor seemed somewhat amused.

Some figures from the first 12 hours:

  • over 1400 people clicked attending on the Facebook event.
  • over 113 000 people saw our event on their Facebook
  • over 1800 page views on the website 
  • over 30 applications to volunteer through our web forms (go fill one out now! especially if you have experience in managing stage and event technology. hint hint.)
  • too many chat messages and bad jokes among the Core Team to even count
  • 4 absolutely gobsmacked Core Team members

The theme of our TEDx conference is Designing for love of learning. We want to start a conversation about what the future of learning will look like. Personally, I want to help people be awesome and fulfill their potential to be fully realized, ethical humans. How about you?

How do you love to learn? What do you want the future of learning to look like?

Answer in the comments below or give us a shout out in social media.