What's happening behind the scenes?

Dear TEDxOtaniemiED community,


There's been much happening in the last week which hasn't been visible to you. I'm going to lift the veil and give you a look at what we've been doing and what is going to happen next.

The most important things last week have been the speaker and core team recruitment processes. We are grateful for all the suggestions and applications that you gave us. You gave us so much material to work with that we had to shorten the volunteer recruitment deadlines and extend the speaker curation. Everyone involved has been working as hard and smart as they could, and I am confident about the results.

But first, a few words about the tickets and Satellite Events.

Tickets and Satellite Events

As of this writing, there are over 50 times more people in the Facebook event than we can take into the event. The main event is limited to 100 people due to the licence terms, but we want to make the process as fair as possible. You can enter the ticket lottery and/or get yourself a Satellite Event for live stream viewing.

How to get a ticket? You can do it in 3 steps:

  1. Click "attending" on the FB event and wait for the official ticket registration link to open. (this will happen next week)
  2. Register yourself for a ticket.
  3. Wait for the lottery results; all registered entries will be entered into a lottery and the winners will be notified personally.

All tickets will be free of charge. We reserve the right to invite a few special guests, so the lottery will have a little under 100 tickets.

How can I get to a Satellite Event?

  1. You can organize one yourself (needed: an internet connection and some sort of screen)
  2. You can register for tips, support and (if you make your event public) we'll help you get people into your event. Details here.
  3. You can find a public Satellite Event and watch TEDxOtaniemiED there. We'll be publishing the public events closer to the event on the same page as above.

If you have registered and asked questions about TEDxOtaniemiED in the registration form, we will be contacting you this week. If you register now it might take a few days for us to work through every question.


We've been planning the theme and speakers for months now with the core team, but the last few weeks have been on overdrive. We received so many speaker suggestions from you that we had to extend the process by several days from our original timetable.

Piia is in charge of our Speaker curation and support, and she has done stellar work managing the 70 or so names of potential speakers. Thank you for all the suggestions, we've tried hard to build a programme that thoroughly explores our slogan "Designing for love of learning". I can safely say that your suggestions have definitely improved the experience.

We'll be giving you teasers about the speakers and their themes very soon, so stay tuned.


The recruitment period for volunteers has ended. We received around 200 applications to volunteer, which makes this by far the most successful recruitment I've ever had the pleasure of doing. (woo!)

The recruitment page has unfortunately had some incorrect information about the timetable for volunteers. It stated for some time that we would contact volunteers at or before April 10th. It should have given the following information:

  • The volunteer recruitment will end on April 10th
  • Between April 10th and April 19th, the core team will review the applications
  • We will contact all applicants at or before April 19th

Our bad, our apologies.

Core Team

Much of last week was about expanding the core team and bringing new expertise and minds to the party. We had the first meeting with the new core team yesterday, and I'm still chuffed by the quality of skills, ideas, enthusiasm and bad jokes that filled the room.

Meet the new core team! (same as the old core team, only better and with more puns)

  • Hannu, Main Organizer
  • Piia, Speakers
  • Otso, Communications
  • Viljami, Volunteer relations
  • Nina, Event manager
  • Tuure, Producer
  • Sini, Partner and community relations
  • Sai, Partner and community relations

You'll be hearing from us. Yes, you will.


Main organizer