If you build it they will come - changing the application deadline for Core Team positions

Wow. Just. Wow. Much people. Such wow. You people just managed to blow your Core Team's collective mind. It's currently 4435 people in the Facebook event and counting. Along with the humbling amount of audience we have also amassed a good number of quality applications for the volunteering positions both on the Core Team and other functions. Thank you for being active and willing to give your time for a good cause! We are now gathering such a mass of people that a change is inevitable. Now it's time to change gears to make sure that we'll get things rolling as soon as possible! 

This positive problem of having such a huge interest towards the event has created a need that is now addressed by changing the deadline for Core Team applications. We were looking to take it easy and waiting until Wednesday, but since we need to get so many (new and bigger than expected) things underway earlier we are now moving the deadline for Core Team applications to Monday 6th of April. By doing this we are hoping to get the whole and final Core Team working together from Thursday onwards!

Let's keep up the good spirit and activity! It's not always easy to conduct an event with 100% volunteer work, but together we'll make this an event that none of us would've imagined!


Yours for the (current) Core Team,


Viljami Hätönen

Volunteer support