TEDxOtaniemiED — Be there without being there

Didn’t win a ticket to join the TEDxOtaniemiED event at Aalto Design Factory? Worry no more! You can watch all the exciting TEDxTalks live online if you participate in a satellite event or stream the occasion on your personal computer. As an added bonus you’ll be entertained by our two enthusiastic hosts Veikko Sajaniemi and Aicha Manai throughout the event, even during the breaks!  

There are more than 50 groups including organizations, private people and educational institutions hosting their own satellite events. The satellite events are held in various locations in Finland and even abroad. TEDxOtaniemiED will be streamed live to thousands of people. And there is nothing stopping you from being one of them! 

Anyone can register as a Satellite Event organizer. All you need is a decent internet-connection and a screen to listen to all the talks and see the inspiring speakers. If you don’t want to host your own event join one by checking these out or watch the whole shebang at the privacy of your own home. You’ll find the link on our webpage soon. 

The live stream of TEDxOtaniemiED Satellite Events begins on the 12.5. at 3.45pm.