Aape Pohjavirta: Changing the world lots of learners at a time

I’m too extreme to be mainstream!
— Aape Pohjavirta

How does happiness connect us to the billions that we spend on education and the wicked problems our world faces?

At TEDxOtaniemiED Aape illustrated why he thinks learning is so crucial at the universal and individual levels and why we need to change the way we view learning.

Aape Pohjavirta is founder at Funzi, a mobile service ecosystem for the emerging markets, and Inclusion, an open source software project for mobile learning. He sits on the advisory boards of several research projects and technology programs and coaches entrepreneurs at the Aalto University Startup Sauna, DTBi and other institutions.

Aape has worked in the mobile industry since 1997 in various management positions and has gained international success in product and technology development. He is an Apple Achiever and an international patent inventor for a mobile media app.


We caught up to Aape for a few questions:


How did you get the idea for your TEDx talk?

Education and learning are discussed and researched a lot. But the reason why we need learning is far too rarely discussed. And looking at the state our word is in I wanted to give a clear answer to "Why do we need to learn?" - it's our only way to survive.

What would you like to happen to your talk and your message?

I wish that the video results in new questions, thoughts and actions by people I do not know.

What are you doing next?

Walking the way I'm talking - delivering learning to mobile devices in geographies where people have only limited access to education.

Where can people find you?

Twitter: @aape.

The talk is illustrated with Sketchnotes by Linda Saukko-Rauta at www.redanredan.fi. 

The talk is illustrated with Sketchnotes by Linda Saukko-Rauta at www.redanredan.fi.