Petteri Kallio: Jatkuva oppiminen

Please note: This talk is in Finnish. Every TEDxOtaniemiED talk will get translations (in closed captions) as soon as we can add them to the videos, so that they can be enjoyed as widely as possible. Check back soon!

Petteri Kallio (PhD) is a geneticist, entrepreneur and learning junkie. Petteri’s background includes a decade worth of sales and marketing experience but currently he is working in the fields of adult and management education. Petteri gets excited about brain function, digitalization and the revolution of work and working environments.

At TEDxOtaniemiED Petteri tapped into the topics of continuous learning, the importance of genuine excitement in the learning process and so-called middle ground ideas.

How did you get the idea for your TEDx talk?

I tried to showcase my own way of learning, as I consider myself a quite fast learner. I wanted to bring more personal examples to make the idea easier to digest. Learning by Doing.

What would you like to happen to your talk and your message?

Everyone has their own path and their choises, including as a learner. The most important thing is to add your learning to those things that were learned before. Understand yourself so that you can understand others.

What are you doing next?

I'm running and developing leadership training courses at the University of Eastern Finland. I'm also developing new methods of teamwork.

At the moment, I'm enthusiastic about developing completely new courses for leaders, which universities haven't traditionally been offering. I want to change the course of leadership training to meet the needs of 2015.

I'm also involved with my own company, we are taking over the world from Kuopio. Meditation is a new thing for me and I'm trying to be consistent in its' practice.

I'm thinking about learning new things.

Where can people find you?

 @petterikallio and also the market of Kuopio.

The talk is illustrated with Sketchnotes by Linda Saukko-Rauta at 

The talk is illustrated with Sketchnotes by Linda Saukko-Rauta at