What is TEDxOtaniemi all about?

The essence of TED is bringing ideas together and building connections between people. When I attended the TEDSummit in Canada this last June, we had over 450 TEDx organizers coming from all over the world. People with passion, purpose and ideas. We were so diverse that you could learn new things just by chatting for five minutes with the person next to you. The barriers of politics, religion, ethnicity and financial stakes didn't matter, so there could be more opportunities for connection.

As TEDx organizers, we tried to distill what this ..thing is all about into short sentences. These are some of the things we came up with: 

  • TEDx is a platform that curates local and global ideas and experiences that inspire purposeful actions. 
  • The purpose of TEDx is to unite our global community to spread important and diverse local ideas and to empower them to facilitate progress. 
  • The TEDx community connects people, inspires empathy and thereby fosters positive change. 
  • TEDx is a cocreated, borderless learning community giving voice to ideas that matter everywhere. 
  • By nurturing and challenging ideas, we make good shift happen.

"Learn to play, play to learn", our theme for TEDxOtaniemi this year, is an idea about our lives being more than just the necessary things. If we aim only for efficiency, we may lose something that makes us human. Play gives us freedom to try new things, trust more and make new friends. And those are all things that we sorely need. 

The curator of TED recently wrote about the changes in our world and about the hope of a connected humanity.

The current system is in danger of breaking. We need to give a platform to dreamers and reformers who are thinking outside the box.

-Chris Anderson

This is why I believe that we need to nurture the human capacity for learning as well as give time and space for play. To everyone.

Want to play with us?

If you are interested in joining our community, please check out our FB page and community group. We are seeking ideas that matter, and would love for you to join us.

Also, if you're thinking that you want to organize a TEDx event yourself, I would be more than happy to help. Contact me at tedxotaniemi@gmail.com.