I Wanna Play

TEDx to Fill the Empty Spot for Thinking Together



Here is a perspective I wanted to share:

What I have already learned as a volunteer in TEDxOtaniemi is that the background of the people involved in this topic TEDx varies. Instead we tend to share the same interest for developing our own thinking and being curious to know a bit more.

As a minority in our team, I am a law student. I have worked a few years in jobs related to my legal studies. I am grateful of the lessons learned both from experienced lawyers and from the faculty of law at the University of Helsinki – for example problem analysing skills, being able to see the big picture and staying calm under pressure with a huge amount of information. Yet I find it extremely useful to have had a chance to also work with people whose expertise is something else than legal.

Excuse me, does she say she learns from someone who is not an expert in the profession field she is working in?

I am not only saying that I have learned, I am saying it is mandatory to learn and to have a functioning society, to be able to challenge our own thinking and to gain inspiration of the variety of thoughts there exists.

We people have this tendency to think we know everything because we know something from our perspective. One of my favourite thoughts is that knowing the incapability of our own thinking can lead to greatness.

Is it scary to get rid of the control of knowing?

Absolutely. But also it builds the thinking to another level.

I think we have an open spot for thinking together here in Finland. Let me introduce you TEDxOtaniemi!

Being Involved

In the previous blog post Hannu inspired us with thoughts about TEDx. But what is in TEDx for us?

The best part in being involved building the event TEDxOtaniemi is to meet people with genuine interest in both developing themselves and sharing their competence – with a smile. This is the perspective of a single TEDx event volunteer in Otaniemi, Finland.

What is going on at the moment?

We have started the work with our communication team, other teams are working with their own responsibilities and sometimes we are all in cooperation. Last Monday we had a picnic just for fun with the volunteers – who I think are an inspiring and intelligently sparking group of people.

Why Having Fun Makes a Difference?

Ever seen someone with a genuine excitement about anything? Ever created your own motivation because you love what you do? How about putting lots of this kind of energy together and making everyone put their enthusiasm into informative and inspiring form.

When it comes to being open-minded and giving our brain a gentle shake, we are ageless. They say nothing is more dangerous to our thinking than stopping, so lets keep on the movement. Our TEDxOtaniemi theme this year is Learn to Play – Play to learn. It is time to play.

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Text written by Niina Karjunen, a TEDxOtaniemi volunteer