Aalto University, Design Factory
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Laura Heinonen

Laura Heinonen (B.Ed.) is an experienced developer of education and study communities. In 2011-2013 Heinonen was in charge of the Kyky project, which aimed at enhancing Finnish university students’ study and learning skills by fostering dialogue between student associations and universities. Today she is a wellbeing expert in a social work organization and argues for the importance of group interaction in creating study motivation, wellbeing and happiness.

At TEDxOtaniemiED Laura will explain us how a very simple idea can be very effective.


Lauri Järvilehto

Lauri Järvilehto, PhD, is a founder and consultant at Filosofian Akatemia, a research and business coaching company in Helsinki. Lauri believes that the revolution of learning is near and urges everyone to join the movement right now. At TEDxOtaniemiED Lauri will tell us how we can make learning fun and why it is so important for us to place the element of fun in the core of designing education.

Join the revolution - it will be fun!

Petteri Kallio

Petteri Kallio (PhD) is a geneticist, entrepreneur and learning junkie. Petteri’s background includes a decade worth of sales and marketing experience but currently he is working in the fields of adult and management education. Petteri gets excited about brain function, digitalization and the revolution of work and working environments.

At TEDxOtaniemiED Petteri will tap into the topics of continuous learning, the importance of genuine excitement in the learning process and so-called middle ground ideas.

Sari Kontra

Sari Kontra (M.Ed.) is a 27-year-old class teacher who will rather take her students outdoors to the monkey bar than stay and teach in a traditional class room environment. Kontra believes that by incorporating physical activity and new forms of functionality into our teaching, we can tackle many of today’s challenges in the field of education.

When Kontra gives her speech at TEDxOtaniemiED, you will not be sitting!

Teemu Leinonen

Teemu Leinonen, PhD, is an associate professor of New Media Design and Learning at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Teemu has more than a decade of experience in the field of research and development of web-based learning and since 1998 he has been in charge of Media Lab Helsinki, a research group of Learning Environments.

Teemu has spoken in a wide range of education related conferences and seminars in all continents of the world except for Antartica - still waiting for that invitation! At TEDxOtaniemiED Teemu will share his thoughts on why it is so crucial in today’s society to give less emphasis on what we learn and a lot more on how we learn it.

Aape Pohjavirta

Aape Pohjavirta is founder at Funzi, a mobile service ecosystem for the emerging markets, and Inclusion, an open source software project for mobile learning. He sits on the advisory boards of several research projects and technology programs and coaches entrepreneurs at the Aalto University Startup Sauna, DTBi and other institutions.

Aape has worked in the mobile industry since 1997 in various management positions and has gained international success in product and technology development. He is an Apple Achiever and an international patent inventor for a mobile media app.

At TEDxOtaniemiED Aape will illustrate us why he thinks learning is so crucial at the universal and individual levels and why we need to change the way we view learning.

Irina Pravet

Born in Romania, raised in Canada and now living in Finland, Irina Pravet has been translating herself across cultures and languages for as long as she can remember. She does not believe in the existence of a fixed set of ‘language learning talents’, instead she believes that we all have the ability to succeed in learning a new language by being strategic, having fun and playing with our natural strengths. Currently Irina is a Finnish language & transitions abroad coach at www.languagecatalyst.com.

Irina’s talk at TEDxOtaniemiED is titled ‘Can you learn the hardest language in the world?’ and delves into the increasingly relevant topic of foreign-language speakers learning Finnish. Irina provides examples of unique and interesting yet highly effective methods for learning Finnish - the so-called hardest language in the world.

Inga Rikandi

Doctor of Music Inga Rikandi is a teacher, researcher, musician, trainer, improvisation artist, producer, writer, dog trainer and an acrobat. She will tell us in her speech why she loves learning more than knowing. She will analyze why we need to be in a state of learning more often, how improvisation connects to teaching as well as learning and what we can learn from the best teachers. 

Everything Inga does is connected by curiosity. Curiosity for new things, for improvisation, creativity and interaction and also for the pedagogical dimensions in everything. Being in a state of constant learning is an important source of wellbeing for Inga.

Joona Pohjonen

Joona Pohjonen is a 22-year-old student of Automation and Systems Engineering at Aalto University and an entrepreneur at Pohjonen Group. Despite his young age Joona already has years of working experience in the field of software development, automation and robotics. Joona has been awarded for his research in machine vision and he has represented Finland in several international science and technology related competitions.

At TEDxOtaniemiED Joona will share his story on how his passion paved his study and career paths. He hopes to inspire us all to turn our interests into personal success with the help of determination and actively going after your goals. 

Hannamiina Tanninen

The first time Hannamiina ever visited China was on the Aalto on Tracks student project, which took 80 students by train across Siberia to Shanghai World Expo. In 2010 Hannamiina moved to Hong Kong to pursue a degree in economics and China business. After graduation Hannamiina went to Taipei where she is currently living, working as an assistant Asia correspondent and studying Chinese. Before moving to Hong Kong, Hannamiina worked as a parliamentary assistant for the Minister of Education and Science and represented students in multiple Ministry of Education and Culture working groups.

Being an enthusiast about differences in Western and Asian cultures and learning in general, Hannamiina will share her insights to the TEDxOtaniemiED audience on what the Finnish education system could learn from Asia.

Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara

Lotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara is a docent and university lecturer of Special education at the University of Helsinki. She teaches future special educators and studies the applications of psychology in school environments with particular emphasis on the concept of happiness and strength-based teaching.

Lotta will introduce the audience of TEDxOtaniemiED to the role of happiness in school contexts and explore such related themes as social belonging, sense of significance and building on ones existing strengths. As Lotta is a firm believer in embracing positive values, seizing moments of success and compassion, these will form the foundation for her speech at TEDxOtaniemiED.