Attending a satellite event

We'll add satellite events open to the public here as they are registered. Click on your nearest event and check if they still have room - each satellite event is limited to 100 participants!

Confirmed Satellite Events:


Organizing a satellite event

Why not hold your own official TEDxOtaniemiED Satellite Event to share the experience with colleagues, friends and others, and contribute to the conversation in real time? All you need is a large screen, some seats and a stable Internet connection.

Register your satellite event here 

When you register your event we'll promote it via the TEDxOtaniemiED website and provide you with tips and support for organizing. You'll also have access to our live feedback channel to connect you to the main event. The rules are very simple and there's absolutely no cost. Your event can be public if you want more people to be able to experience TEDxOtaniemiED, or private if you want to hold the event exclusively for your workplace or other community.

  • Viewing parties cannot hold more than 100 attendees.
  • They must be free of charge to guests.
  • For the most part, they should be held in non-commercial venues (such as homes, schools or libraries).

After registering, you will receive the official TEDxOtaniemiED Satellite Event material pack which includes additional tips and branded logos and banners you can use in your advertising.