Anna Seppänen

The power of ethical imagination


Eevi Minkkinen

Terveelliset addiktiot eivät tuo onnellisuutta


Elba Horta

Kindness and business are powerful combination

Ira Virtanen.jpg

Ira Virtanen

Men and women can - and should - be friends


Katri Saarikivi

We're wired for kindness


Paulina Tervo

With Serdar Ferit: How immersive storytelling can inspire social change

Serdar Ferit

With Paulina Tervo: How immersive storytelling can inspire social change


Rachel M. Gisselquist

Why we need to rethink the diversity debate


Ronnie Grandell

Three keys to tame your self-criticism

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Maggie Lindholm

How kindness has carried me through life


Miia Pirinen

The revolution of backstage heroes


Mikko Sinisalo

What I learned as a twenty-something living with elderly


Teemu Syrjälä

Tanssin avulla löysin rakkauden itsestäni


Anna Martta Seppänen is a researcher of social ethics, particularly business ethics, at the University of Helsinki). She is intrigued by the question of whether morality can exist alongside profitability in business – and under which preconditions. She believes that in the future humane and ethical organizations will thrive. She is currently working on her PhD thesis on corporate philanthropy and is a member of the CoPassion research group.


Eevi Minkkinen on syömishäiriöstä toipunut itsetuntemusohjaaja joka on nähnyt terveellisyyden tavoittelun kääntöpuolen, se ei olekaan enää tervettä. Eevi rakastaa aamuja, jäätelöä ja kirjoittamista sekä pienen poikansa kanssa olemista. Eevi uskoo inhimillisyyteen ja siihen, että maailma on vähän helpompi paikka olla, kun kokee että saa olla sellainen kun oikeasti on.




Elba Horta is a business coach and speaker interested in economic activity based on empathy for customers. She believes that businesses play a strong role in society and even the care of the Earth. She has great fun leading a happiness project group in Helsinki and loves walking outdoors. She has a Bachelor's in Geosciences from Penn State University and an MBA from California State University, Los Angeles.


Dr. Ira Virtanen is a communication coach and researcher of interpersonal communication at the University of Tampere. Her academic work focuses on social support in various relationships, particularly in the friendships of boys and men. She is the founder of AvaiLab, which promotes supportive communication and interpersonal competence for lives of fulfilment and wellbeing.




Katri Saarikivi is a cognitive neuroscientist exploring the neural mechanisms behind empathy and fruitful interaction, and their functioning in digital environments. She heads a research project at the University of Helsinki and alongside these activities enjoys speaking and helping people outside academia make use of scientific findings and the methodology of the field.



Paulina Tervo is a documentary filmmaker, 360 storyteller and digital geek, passionate about contributing to a better world. She is the co-founder and co-CEO of Lyfta — an immersive world of stories for nurturing 21st century skills and global citizenship.





Serdar Ferit is a filmmaker, digital storyteller and teacher. He works with a team of talented people to contribute to a better world through education and storytelling. He’s the co-founder and co-CEO of Lyfta - an immersive world of stories for nurturing 21st century skills and global citizenship.




Rachel M. Gisselquist is a political scientist and currently a Research Fellow with the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) in Helsinki. She works on the comparative politics of developing countries, with particular attention to ethnic politics and group-based inequality, state fragility, governance, and sub-Saharan African politics. She holds a PhD from MIT and an MPP from Harvard.


Ronnie Grandell is a clinical psychologist, coach and non-fiction author who specializes in compassion focused therapy. His expertise is helping people who struggle with the toils of stress and burnout, anxiety, shame or self-criticism. He has also worked extensively with leaders, experts in various fields, athletes and artists, with a focus on enhancing people’s performance and enjoying life while doing so.



Maggie Lindholm is an entrepreneur and the host of Café Rouge, a cozy restaurant in Helsinki. A Lebanese child and now Finnish woman, she is madly in love with a good man who is her partner in both good and bad. She is also the mother of a teenage girl who helps her grow.




Miia Pirinen is a fantastical escapist with the talent to run three companies and work as speaker, mentor, and writer, breaking the myth of the impossible. She has over 13 years of experience in the field of business development and human resources. Fuelled by her passion for storytelling, Miia is currently constructing kindness in the world by writing her first children’s fantasy book series, which looks to offer the next generations holistic experiences intertwined with deeper philosophical themes.

Mikko Sinisalo is a student of social sciences at the University of Helsinki, where he has also studied the Finnish language. In addition to living in an elderly care house, he has also worked for the City of Helsinki's homecare services for the elderly.





Teemu Syrjälä on hyvinvoinnin moniottelija, jonka pääasiallinen keskittyminen on siinä, kuinka me voimme itse vaikuttaa omaan hyvinvointiimme luonnollisesti. Hänen erityisosaamisensa tulee koko elämän jatkuneesta liikkumisesta sekä 14 vuotta jatkuneesta opiskelusta ihmisen terveyteen, mielen toimintaan sekä ihmissuhteiden ihmeellisestä maailmasta, jossa pyritään huomioimaan kokonaisvaltainen terveys kaikilla ihmisyyden tasoilla.