Core team


Hannu Jaakkola
Main Organizer

Hannu has worked for years in different student organizations all around Finland. After attending TEDxYouth@Kamppi in 2014, he had a mad idea to organize TEDxOtaniemiED to learn how to change the world for the better. He believes that helping people be awesome is key to that.

Twitter @nahuman


Piia Kuosmanen
Speakers & Content Lead

Piia is a bit of a nerd and bit of a revolutionist. She does everything with unbridled passion, and she’s been around: whether it’s pushing Finland towards renewable energy, hanging out with ministers and discussing education or creating 3D-printable space station designs, she’s done it all. Piia is always looking to push the boundaries of, well, everything, and wants to make the world a better place in everything she does.

Twitter @piiakuosmanen
IG @worstlady


Otso Hannula 
Communications lead

Otso is a games researcher with a passion for learning at Aalto University and responsible for all communication and social media in TEDxOtaniemiED. Otso’s vision is to save both learning and workplaces with the power of games. As one might imagine, Otso also plays way too many games in all imaginable formats in his free time.

Twitter @otsohannula


Viljami Hätönen
Volunteer support

Viljami is a non-formal learning and leadership enthusiast who is currently responsible for supporting volunteers (also) in Finland’s largest Youth organization, the Guides and Scouts of Finland (Suomen Partiolaiset). Viljami believes that equipping young people with competence & self-knowledge and empowering them to envision leads to a better World for everyone.


Sai Li
Community relations, satellite event lead 

Sai is a student at Aalto university who is responsible for community relations and organizing the satellite events in TEDxOtaniemiED. She is very eager to learn and explore new matters. Sai spends her spare time with friends and she also enjoys music.

Nina Ruotsalainen
Event Manager

Nina’s curiosity led her to live and study abroad for many years. Missing Helsinki, she has since returned and now works with initiatives like Teurastamo and Streat Helsinki, producing events, championing grassroots culture and drinking too many lattés.



Tuure Valtonen
Event Producer

Tuure is responsible for the technical implementation of the event. He is very enthusiastic about learning new things and likes to organize different kinds of events. Besides that, Tuure is a lifestyle skateboarder who also enjoys surfing whenever it is possible.


Stephanie Wardi
Brand manager, concepting 

Stephanie is an Arts Manager and a Visual Merchandiser who is responsible for the Visual layout of the TEDxOtaniemiED. Together with Landys Roimola she designed the layout including the webbsite, goodiebags, templates and the overall visual apperence for the event. She believes that art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. 

Landys Roimola
Brand manager, graphic design

Landys is a visual artist and graphic designer, and she is responsible for visuals of TEDxOtaniemiED. Together with Stephanie Wardi she designed unique patterns for TEDxOtaniemiED and TEDxOtaniemiED satellite events. She believes that almost everything but ideas can be learned, you either have them or not.

Aleksej Fedotov

Aleksej Fedotov
Partner relations

Aleksej is an all-round activist who wants to build a more equal and socially just world. He is also quite proficient at hustling for his goals, which include helping with getting resources for TEDxOtaniemiED. 

TEDxOtaniemiED Volunteers

  • Sini Koskenseppä, Partners
  • Kati Penttinen, Speakers
  • Tuija Soikkeli, Communication
  • Anita Nousiainen, Communication
  • Niina Haataja, Communication
  • Julia Uusoksa, Communication
  • Saara Peltonen, Communication
  • Minttu Aarniovuori, Communication
  • Suvi Väkeväinen, Communication
  • Jessica Hynynen, Communication
  • Johannes Romppanen, Photography
  • Otto Jahnukainen, Photography
  • Sanya Thakrar, Photography
  • Juho Kastemaa, Website @juhokast
  • DH Lee, Website
  • Hannes Nachtigall, Livestream, Technology
  • Heikki Aitola, Videography
  • Ida Immilä, Videography
  • Daiva Juozapaityte, Videography
  • Mika Iivonen, Sound
  • Antti Virtanen, Lights
  • Marcus Pegg, Microphones
  • Veikko Sajaniemi, Satellite Event Host
  • Aicha Manai, Satellite Event Host
  • Fairouz Hussien, Translation
  • Tetyana Tykhomyrova, Translation
  • Vesa Vahermaa, Translation
  • Rosa Marjeta, Translation
  • Elena Lundaeva, Translation
  • Huotari Heini, Translation
  • Amel Gaily, Translation
  • Elina Pohjonen, Translation