The main event is limited to 100 people due to the licence terms, but we want to make the process as fair as possible. You can enter the ticket lottery and/or get yourself a Satellite Event for live stream viewing.

How to get a ticket? You can do it in 3 steps:

  1. Click "attending" on the FB event and follow this link, OR register for the tickets on this page.
  2. Register yourself for a ticket.
  3. Wait for the lottery results; all registered entries will be entered into a lottery on May 1st and the winners will be notified personally.

All tickets will be free of charge. We reserve the right to invite a few special guests, so the lottery will have a little under 100 tickets.

How can I get to a Satellite Event?

  1. You can organize one yourself (needed: an internet connection and some sort of screen)
  2. You can register for tips, support and (if you make your event public) we'll help you get people into your event. Details here.
  3. You can find a public Satellite Event and watch TEDxOtaniemiED there. We'll be publishing the public events closer to the event on the same page as above.